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CQ 074

JULY 17, 2020


Per Dave Dresden: “Don’t forget, today at 3pm PDT we feature @aviraaudio’s 3hr guest mix on Club Quarantine and then @dave_dresden will immediately follow from 6pm PDT onwards. or link in bio.”

During this set, AVIRA experienced some technical difficulties around the 1hr and 9 minute mark, and approx. 12 minutes of connectivity issues were removed from this download. After the break, you will Dave speak and mix until AVIRA is reconnected and mixes for almost 2 hours (before AVIRA starts mixing again, you hear him speak). Happy listening!

Please note that due to the technical difficulties, this download is only available as the full set (for now). You will hear a break in the track where the technical difficulties have been cut out.

Download Avira’s Set

Download Dave Dresden’s Set

Download the Full Set (almost 8 hours)