Live Streams


March 9, 2021


Per Dave Dresden: “This week’s streaming schedule has a first for CQ as we close in on a full year of streaming…on Saturday March 13th @dave_dresden will be broadcasting from two locations @themidwaysf from 6:30pm to 9:30 PST outside at the socially distanced 19th anniversary for @opelproductions and then The Midway have graciously allowed us to then broadcast the rest of the night from inside the venue. Will be so much fun to play music super loud. ❤️

On Friday we have legendary DJ/producer and streamer @maxgraham as our guest from 3pm to 6pm PST
And of course our awesome Techno Tuesday lineup tomorrow starting at 2pm with @subtealmusic, 4pm @joshgabrielmusic and 6pm PST @dave_dresden
Hope you can Plamp with us this week!”

Sub-Teal Set Download

B2B Sub-Teal & Josh Gabriel Set Download

Josh Gabriel Set Download

Dave Dresden Set Download

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